The MaGik in ME Photography

Capturing fleeting moments in time.

I capture MaGik – YOUR MaGik – through my photography.

Whether a wedding, a birthday, an engagement, a moment with your adored pet, capturing the precious months of pregnancy, the first days of your newborn, hugs or having fun with your children, I love capturing those fleeting moments in time as you create a lifetime of memories.

As your photographer my aim is to give you the freedom to enjoy yourself fully in every moment, allowing your senses, feelings, and emotions to flow, creating your own MaGikal visual story filled with feelings, emotions, laughter and more. Fleeting moments in time captured which are now, only memories.

Wedding photographer

I’ll help you create your MaGikal visual story and will work closely with you from the beginning.

We will meet, so I can understand your needs, talk about your event, the who’s, what’s, when’s and everything in-between. After the event you will have your visual story of beautifully edited photographs.

Husband and wife wedding photo
pregnancy - photography-services
Food and Beverage

Capturing images that showcase the culinary expertise created by talented and passionate chefs and baristas. Images that whet your appetite and play with your taste buds. I am incredibly enthusiastic about food and beverage photography and working with these geniuses to create the extraordinary out of the ordinary.

food and beverage photographer
Food and Beverage

I am happy to work anywhere in New Zealand – contact me today and let me capture your special moments so you can immerse yourself totally and completely into yourself, your event, your baby, your partner, your pet, your wedding, your pregnancy or your family, safe in the knowledge you will have beautiful photographs to share with others and hold as timeless, treasured keepsakes.

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